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Your Gifts Will Make Room For You

Ever been discouraged because you felt like your niche market was over saturated and that what you had to offer wouldn’t stand out? Nonsense! If you ever doubted that you could do something because someone else was already doing it, go into any super market in the world and count the varieties of bread there are on the shelf. Imagine what would have happened if the second, third, or one hundredth bread maker became hopeless because someone beat him (HER) to the punch. People love breads of all kinds from white to honey wheat and from sourdough to pumpernickel all for different reasons. Picture how ‘bland’ our world would be if we had only one option. Your GIFT is not the same as someone else’s, so don't expect to blend in. Dare to trust and believe in yourself enough to know that what you have to offer, someone somewhere wants and needs it.

Photo by Laura James from Pexels

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