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Fuel Level Low

I was such in a rush this morning before work that I jumped in a car that was literally on E. I hadn't realized it was near empty until I got to work and put this bus in park. As soon as I saw the alert I nearly had a SHONDO moment right there in the parking lot!

I read the Action Required and correlated that as a sign from the heavens. I had just driven this car from home in autopilot mode, instinctively assuming that when I got in it the "fuel" (energy) would automatically be there. Inadvertently forgetting that an action was necessary in order for the car to continue to function. Someone or something needed to be used as a vessel in order to REFUEL and prevent a complete drainage.

I'd been running on fumes for weeks. Neglecting my body's own "Fuel Level Low" warnings to the point that I was starting to shut down. Now believe in who you want but as for me, it was like I heard a voice from God telling me that an action was required or I'd be completely empty. My response? I hear You Big God, let me Fill Up on self 2022. That cheap "regular" fuel I poured into dead situations that drained me of my energy. Help me with replacing it with "premium" fuel, filled with love, happiness, peace, and grace.

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