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Lesson's Learned

If I had the chance to re-do all of my life’s mistakes I wouldn’t change a thing. My faults are what made me who I am and who I am will leave foot prints on the moon.

(Early Childhood) If I hadn’t taken that $20 to buy a $1 gift in the 4th grade and got my ass tore up for it. Then I wouldn’t have known that there are penalties for taking what doesn’t belong to you.

(Adolescence) If I hadn’t lied and said I was where I wasn’t and gotten caught, then I wouldn’t have known that there are consequences for not telling the truth.

(Early Adulthood) If I hadn’t tried to hurt after being hurt I wouldn’t have known the importance of love and forgiveness.

Embrace your mistakes, accept who you once were, and if by chance you learned from your past, welcome who you are destined to be.

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