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Simple Courtesy

"May the life I live always speak for me"

Today as I sit reflecting over my life and a lot of the decisions I've made, good, bad, or indifferent. One thing I can say for certain is I have truly been blessed.

It's nothing so extravagant that I've done, except for one thing. I try my best to be the best human being to every human being that comes in contact with me. Upon introductions I treat you how I want you to treat me. With respect and kindness, those things are FREE. If I find that our energies don't agree then I respectfully decline to engage the meetings any further. I won't try to sabotage you, I won't disrespect you, I'll simply bow out gracefully and humbly respect our spaces.

The Universe adores my spirit and favor finds me more times than I have ever deserved.

If you're ever wondering WHY you're not reaping the benefits of your vision boards, your manifesting post, or all your preachings. Do a self service check and ask your self how do you treat people. Do you give people the most inexpensive thing there is in common courtesy or common decency? Your answer may lie (pun intended) right there.

Common Decency, Common Courtesy, and Common Respect to ALL is FREE!

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