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Receive What You Give

Being bred and born in the deep south of Georgia I was taught early on that whatsoever shall a (wo)man sows (s)he shall reap. While I learned this early on I had to realize not everyone had recieved the same teachings. It was hard for me to fathom how and why things happened the way that they did in the order that they came and or went.

Not being fully aware of how the universe worked I often would question why I couldn't treat people who had wronged me the same. I had to realize that my blessings and favor came from a much higher power.

Give only of yourself in which you are willing to receive. If you take from people then expect people to only take from you, If you lie to people then expect nothing but lies in return, but if you give truth and honesty of yourself then expect to get those things back ten-fold. Favor ain't always fair, but it for damn sure feels good.

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