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My Mistakes Made Me

Have you ever talked with an "I remember when you used to..." person that knew the old you and all they could do is talk about that version of you? The operative word is "Used to".

I've done a lot of things that I'm not proud of, I mean a whole lot, but none of the mistakes or wrongs I've done defines who I am today.

I never scammed, never stole, but I've lied, cheated, been lied to, and been cheated on. Even with all the hurt I've endured and sometimes caused none of those things have ever turned me bitter.

Who I was and the things I've done were snippets of the old me who is no longer ashamed of the mistakes she made.

I've always been taught that no one can tell YOUR story better than YOU! The bricks that were thrown at me have been used to build the foundation for my new life. You can't hurt me by bringing up my past. Take back your life and embrace all that is good and the next time someone brings up what you "used" to do remind them that your mistakes were your messages and My Mistakes Made Me.

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