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Mask ON or NOT

I've been on social media for years now with no real reason except that I'm inquisitive to gossip and a master at detecting a subliminal shade ball once typed. I can easily decipher between who's throwing shade at who and who catches it and responds to said shade without formally @-ing the person said shade was intended for. But, none of that matters for this post.

I've seen too many arguments over rather to vaccinate or not vaccinate. To wear a mask or not to wear a mask. I'm here to say UNAPOLOGETICALLY do what makes YOU feel less worrisome.

As I was scrolling through the app that Zuckerberg created I came across a post that kind of threw me for a loop. Reading "said" post the author made a comment that people that decided to take the vaccine were "sleep". If you dont know what sleep means in the urban world, basically it's the equivalent of someone calling you ignorant.

Now it's none of my busines what YOU decide to do just like it's none of YOUR business what I decide to do because it's my choice to deal with you or NOT.

I'm not in the business to force or ask you to get vaccinated, that's none of my concern. My concern is when you decide to invade MY space and ignore MY health and MY well being with your lack of concern for ME. Don't get vaccinated, don't wear your mask, but give me six feet. Stay out of my space and I'd surely stay out of yours. Simple fix.

I've got family, friends, and associates on both sides of the spectrum. Everybody has their own point of view. I over stand them all. Some got the vaccine, others won't. Some wear their masks, some don't. We all have choices to make. And, some people's choices will give them an expedited ticket to meet Jesus (or whoever you believe in). You are free to make whatever choice you choose, but you are not free of the consequences right or wrong.

"Adults" get so bent out of shape when people don't agree with them. Agree to disagree and move accordingly. Vaccinate or not. Mask on or not. IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

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