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Worth it

I've been told that I could be difficult to handle at times. Pardon me, because I'm a small town country girl with two younger brothers who now think they're my dad, and a whole heep of male cousins. So, I can admit that I can be a little rough around the edges.

In every relationship I've been in (only two serious, the rest 🙄 don't count, but I digress) I had this saying, "Anything a person thought that they could buy me, I could buy it myself" and for the most part I could. I learned that I was a little too independent for some which was why I was single. And, a little too blunt for others. I had to start coming with a disclaimer which helped to separate the boys from the men.

I started out with, "I'm a strong black woman, that works hard, won't ask for anything that costs money, I require honesty, loyalty, communication, constant love and affection. Oh, but this is the most important part. I do talk back!" I dummied myself down a few times to try and fit into what I thought I should be, but like anything not meant to fit in, that didn't work. At the end of the day I know my worth and what I have to offer.

When dating my now husband I used to tell him, "The things I need from you won't cost you a thing." I require nothing that I'm not capable of giving. I'm honest, I'm loyal, and what you see as "Talking back" I see as being assertive. I learned that if a person can't handle you at your worst then they sure as hell don't deserve you at your best- Marilyn Monroe.

Don't allow people to brand you as difficult for their lack of knowledge on how to handle a strong willed woman. The way I see it: A woman that is honest, loyal, and committed is definitely worth it. I know I am.

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