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Vdara (Las Vegas) Review

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I want to first start off by saying this may or may not be my typical one to two minute read. I do however want to make it as quick and thorough as possible as I'm not a professional hotel review critic (yet🤞🏾).

From the very beginning of planning I reached out to Bedford Virtual Concierge to help with arrangements for our ninth wedding anniversary getaway. I told them what I was looking for, the days that I wanted to go, and around about how much I wanted to spend. Within minutes I had three quotes, hotel chosen, and flights booked. There was nothing left for us to do except get to the airport and vacay.

On arrival we realized that this mini break from reality was about to exceed our expectations. You hear about 5 star hotels when in actuality they could go for a 2, but that was not the case of the Vdara. When you walk into the hotel's lobby you can't help but to notice the aesthetics of everything around you. From the bar/lounge area to your left, the Starbucks to your right, and the hotel marketplace directly in front. My advice is shop in the marketplace early because if you wake in the middle of the night looking for a snack and use your room's mini bar you will most definitely pay inflated prices.

Check in was fast and easy thanks to BVC. All I needed was my I.D. and a credit card for incidentals (For the life of me I beg you to get a credit card for travel). Using a debit card for incidentals will tie up funds for 3-5 days or longer depending on your bank. I've seen it happen and the people that don't understand it are devastated when they can't use funds because their accounts are frozen pending charges.

The Vdata hotel security is also impressive. In order to get to your floor you must have your room key available. Inside the elevator you swipe your card then press your floor number. Totally not what we were expecting but it was awesome knowing we didn't have to worry about unauthorized floor access. Getting to our room on the 20th floor was fast and easy. As we walked into our suite we entered through a mini kitchen area with a fridge, stove top, microwave and mini bar. Then on to the main living area where there was a king bed, sofa sleeper, table for eating, 55" flat screen, and BREATHTAKING views of the city!

The bathroom wasn't spectacular but it did serve its purpose with its glass shower that made for a sexy view from the bedroom (*insert eye wink) and beautiful soaking tub that I didn't get the chance to enjoy due to timing and lack of additional cleaning supplies.

Needless to say we were both pleased with our hotel stay.

On to the Las Vegas strip. I had this idea in my head as to what a "strip" was. The streets of Vegas was nothing like I had imagined. There was no straight shot from one side of the street to the other. There are elevators, escalators, and stairs to move about. You go up and over to go down and down and over to go up. WEAR your walking shoes because by days end we had walked well over 20,000 steps.

Our plan wasn't to do much gambling as our limit was $50/day each (judge yourself, because we planned to spend most our coins on food!) Speaking of we didn't get names and pictures of everywhere we ate but the few we have were amazing. From lunch at Bubba Gumps on the strip, drinks from Fat Tuesday, and a sexy dinner at Wolfgang Pucks we were all around very pleased

Our anniversary in Vegas more than we imagined. Next time for sure we will explore more of the city and possibly another hotel. The only gripe we had with the Vdara were their pool hours. We were used to exploring hotel pools well into the night but the Vdara was our exception as it closed at 6pm and 7pm nightly. The days that we did enjoy the pool was amazing though. Drinks by the pool, a little cool down with my honey, and the atmosphere was simply everything that we needed.

All in all we didn't leave Vegas owing us a thing! It was such a necessary getaway and reminder that our honeymoon has to continue!

Thanks Olivia Bedford owner of Bedford Virtual Concierge for your splendid customer service that not only met our expectations but exceeded them as well.

Oh and before you go exploring mini bars just know that this bottle of water cost $15

And a can of coke cost $12.75!

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