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Unplugging from the world is absolutely necessary. I never knew how bad I needed a vacation until I actually went on a vacation. I'm not talking a weekend getaway I'm talking a full 7 plus days away from my very eventful life.

The first time I took time off for more than a week, I felt guilty for leaving my responsibilities as an employee. I made sure to stay in contact as much as possible with my coworkers so nothing would get behind before I returned. It was a vacation that turned into a work-cation. My body was in lovely Mexico, but my mind was at work. Once I got back to the office I realized two things: The building was still standing and nothing burned down while I was away. I knew then that the next time I went on vacation I would not be worrying about what was or wasn't going on that wasn't right in front of me. Don't get me wrong I still travel with my laptop "just in case", but the need for me to work "off the clock" doesn't give me the anxiety it once did.

Take your vacation days, personal time off, or sick time to give your mind, body, and soul the rest that it may desperately need. If something should happen to you, your job will probably post before your obituary will. Unplug and enjoy life, YOLO!

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