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(This) Mother's Prayer

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Father God, thank you for watching over my children and for protecting them from any hurt harm or danger that has tried to come their way. I realize that it was nothing so great that I've done, but your grace and mercy that has gotten us this far. And it'll be your grace and mercy that will lead us on.

Father God I ask you to continue to grant your protection over their lives. Build them up where they're torn down and prop them up on every leaning side. Bless their going ins and bless their going outs.

Father God I ask in your Holy name for my children to grow into this life prosperous and productive citizens in this wicked world. God charge angels to bless not only my children but all children every where. Make old death behave and cast every sickness into the pitts of hell.

These and all other blessings I ask in your Holy name.


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