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No Big Deal🤷🏽‍♀️

I came in to work like I normally do. Dropped my bags at my desk and made a bee line straight to the break room to get my morning cup of Joe. I chatted with a few coworkers while pouring in three packs of Splenda, two hazlenut creamers, and a piping hot WHOLE 16oz of black gold to blend it all up.

It was my morning master piece per usual. I headed back to my desk, pulled out my chair and as I was about to set my coffee down, it happened. My perfect concoction of brown bliss in cup drowned in my chair. My reaction you ask? In slow motion I heard myself yell out, “SHHHIIIIEEEETTT!” I was pissed. I started to get really angry but no sooner than the anger came, it went. I heard my inside voice say to myself out loud, “girl, go pour up another cup”. Simple fix.

Funny how what seems at the moment as a “big” issue really in actuality is a minor nuisance if only we take a moment to reflect. Was spilling a cup of “free” coffee really worth the remainder of my day? Absolutely not. Just as easy as I dropped that one cup, God reminded me that I could have another. I just had to go get it and that’s what I did. I realized today that I wouldn’t dare cry over spilled milk, but I might make an exception to coffee. Just kidding. So today and every day be conscious to the fact that, what’s a small thing to a giant? Have another drink, on me.

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