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My Turn Next!

My message for today is a simple one. Rejoice with those that rejoice. And, when it's your turn to rejoice, they will rejoice with you....

I'm one of those clueless souls who has no idea what it is that I'm supposed to be doing in this life. I want to do everything and nothing at all, all at the same time. One minute I'm blogging trying to encourage someone, next minute I'm posting pictures of myself trying to show off my weight loss on Instagram, next minute I'm making a thousand Tiktok videos a day just to make someone laugh. (Respectfully) I'm funny by the way. But, in the midst of my blended lifestyle I watch from the side lines and cheer on my friends who've already figured it out. My Turn Next

I've seen the businesses soaring, the wedding announcements arising, the entrepreneurs entrepreneuring and it's all so inspiring. I am genuinely happy for everyone.

You've got a cheerleader in me!

My Turn Next

The believer in me understands that I am to rejoice with those that rejoice. I get all the feels watching my 'frands' do well in life. I'm not certain what it is just yet that I'm supposed to be doing, but sitting on the sidelines watching the excitement gives me all the confirmations that I need. If God is blessing my neighbor, it means He's in my neighborhood! So that must mean....,

My Turn Is Next!

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