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Move In Silence

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to make your moves in silence. I learned a long time ago that telling too many people what your plans are will expose who your supporters and your naysayers are.

Everybody won’t be as excited about your success and that’s perfectly fine. You need those cynics to drive you further into victory. Those that support you will rejoice with you. Those that don’t, WON'T. Some people’s pleasure dwell only in chaos, and you will have to decide whether you will allow their negativity to occupy your mental space free of charge, or NOT.

Be wary of the persons that never have anything positive to say about anyone’s success other than their own. Those are the people that secretly pray for your downfall.

I used to think that my success was validated by the amount of people that I had around me, until I realized, I’d rather have four quarters in my pocket than a hundred pennies, the load is much lighter.

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