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Mom's Matter

The relationship between a young girl and her mother is just as if not more so important as her relationship with her father. It's a conversation that our community (me) never knew we (I) needed.

Society likes to point out a woman with "daddy" issues because her father wasn't around, but we hear nothing about women with "mommy" issues from a mother who was there physically but wasn't emotionally available. That emotional void can cause just as much disfunction as a physical void.

I hope it's understood that this isn't a blameworthy post, but an awareness. Sometimes people just don't know what they've not been taught. We have to break the emotional generational curses we've been subject to and retrain ourselves to do better than what we've witnessed.

My children may not understand why I hug and tell them I love them every chance I get, but one day it'll all make sense.

I want them to love themselves better than I've loved myself. I want them to adjust another woman's crown less selflessly than I have. I want them to know that they matter to me more than I could ever tell them but plan to SHOW them because when it's all said and done I want them to know that mama WAS, IS, AND WILL ALWAYS be THERE.

📸: Kyra J

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