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Marriage Is Loving ‘Em When You Don’t Like ‘Em

While on vacation last week I happened to share an elevator with a few people who were talking marriage life. Somewhere between the fifth and tenth deck (my stop) I was listening to a woman who'd been married for some years say how ugly marriage could be and that everyday isn't always rainbows and kisses. She hadn't asked for my opinion but it felt like the perfect time for me to regurgitate my infamous words, "Marriage is definitely hard. It's loving someone even when you don't like them". That struck a chord with an older gentleman and he wholeheartedly agreed. At my 10th deck stop I said my goodnights to all as the gentleman who agreed invited me to a private seminar the following day for Christians. Regrettably I didn't make it (May have missed a message), but I did however enjoy our brief elevator conversation. It made me remember that marriage isn't just an event, it's a lifestyle. It's ugly. It's beautiful. It's soft. And, it is definitely hard.

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