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Learning To Unlearn

"Learning to unlearn everything I've learned in the thirty plus years of my existence has to be in the top 10 of 100 most difficult things I'm having to do."... In the end it'll be worth it.

Ever since I could remember I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. If I liked you I made sure that you knew it. If I loved you I made sure that you felt it. If you were my friend I made myself available to you, so it's been easy to find myself in situations where the like, love, and friendships weren't totally reciprocated. Making my heart over stand what my mind already knew was and sometimes still is my disconnect.

I've learned that love and loyalty don't always go hand in hand and sometimes they probably shouldn't, but that's a story for another day. Giving your all to a situation that can't match your energy, wondering why it's going left when it should be going right. Or, why it's sinking when it should be floating can be exhausting.

Realize that it is ok to want to see the best in people, but don't allow yourself to be manipulated in the process. Unlearn the thinking that if you treat people right they're obligated to return the favor, because they'll disappoint you every-single-time!

Unlearn to relearn.

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