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Acorns Investing 101

In 2018 while watching (more like listening to) YouTube videos I ran across an interview that The Breakfast Club had done a year prior with renowned financial expert, journalist, author Stacey Tisdale. The interview was so interesting that what I thought was supposed to have been a quick skim through video due to my lack of an attention span, actually peaked my interest enough for me to watch and listen to the entire forty seven minute interview. It was when she got to the 15:21 minute mark where she suggested that everyone put the Acorns app on their phones. Until that day I had never heard of Acorns. I had thought about investing, but had no real direction and here she was telling ordinary people such as myself that I too could be an investor. I mean if her 12 year old son could have $2,000+ in an investment account then surely my 30+ year old self could do the same.

If you're not familiar with what Acorns is and you're needing somewhere to begin your investment portfolio, I beg of you to download this app >> Acorns .

Acorns is EASY in a sense that it takes your "spare" change from every day purchases, rounds up to the nearest whole dollar, and automatically invests for you.

Q: How does that work?

A: For example when you use your linked debit/ credit cards on coffee, donuts, or both if that's what you're into and it costs $2.45. Acorns will round up your purchase to $3.00 and allot the $ 0.55 into an investment account. Once you reach $5 in roundups Acorns will then take that rounded up change and place into the investment account on your behalf. Simple right?

In staying true to my blogs' promise to remain between 1-2 minute reads and also because Acorns simple investing is something that I could literally talk about all day (Seriously) I'll begin to close, but will defer to you to ASK ME HOW, as a NOVICE investor, was I able to invest on average $1,000 per year since 2018 without trying and not missing a cent of it.

"The best time to invest was 10 years ago, the second best is TODAY!"

*This is NOT a paid partnership with the Acorns investing app*

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