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Idiomatic Expressions

For as long as I can remember I've suffered from an illness known as "Ignitis". An idiomatic expression where one lacks the social intelligence to know when you're being manipulated by the people closest to you. In layman's terms it's also known as GULLIBLE. I've never had an issue seeing through people I didn't care about. Only the one's that I have a deep rooted love for. Blame it on the August Leo in me.

I'm strong willed, compassionate, I love hard, and sometimes even when the love isn't reciprocated I love the greatest. I don't have it in me to seek revenge after I've been hurt so I absolutely SUCK at getting even. However, when the time comes for me to cut ties just know that you were given every opportunity to get it right with me and for you it's simply just too late. Just ask old acquaintances who no longer have access to my energy. I won't need your closure, I won't ask what happened, and I won't even wish harm on you. In fact in the words made famous to "me" by Kevin Gates, "May peace be upon you"

Life is too short to suffer from 'self inflicted' ignorance, so love the people that love you and do the thing that's hardest to do and let go of the people who don't.

In the words of one of the wisest men I know (My Dad), "I can help you IF you let me"

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