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I'm NOT Sorry

Saying, "I'm sorry" for something you've done or said can sometimes be difficult. However, saying, "I'm sorry" when you know you've done absolutely nothing at all can take your breath away.

Just me

I'm not sure where it began, but for as long as I can remember I've never been fond of the idea that you had to apologize in order to gain forgiveness. "Forgiveness is for you, not them." Oh no, Jesus forgives not me. (Not easily, anyway). I can assure you that apologizing for something I knew I didn't do was never one for me. If you were hoping for a different post, then respectfully we'll try again next time.

If I'm apologizing for something I said, please note that it's only for how I said it, never for what I said. Because honestly if I said it I probably meant it.


Therefore, respectfully. 🦋 I am NOT sorry.

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