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I'm Fine

“People that are happiest can sometimes be the most depressed”.

I once witnessed one of the happiest people on earth have a mental melt down from something that was as minuscule as a simple misunderstanding. What I didn’t know was right before her melt down she had put her trust in a friend that betrayed her, on top of having marital issues, on top of family dysfunction, on top of dealing with a job that she hates, on top of cooking, cleaning, and maintaining her household, on top of dealing with ungrateful people, on top of being pressured into doing her “wifely” duties, on top of maintaining herself, on top of taking care of her kids, on top of being a doctor to a kid that didn’t listen when she told them not to run in the house, on top of dealing with teenagers with very different personalities, on top of smiling when all she wanted to do was cry from the weight of the world being placed on her shoulders with no rest in sight. I watched this lady, tell everyone that asked how she was doing say, “I’m fine” behind a mind filled with“I’m not fine” and “Please, help me”.

I watched this lady give advice to countless people who treated her like a garbage can when they dumped their problems on to her. I witnessed this lady go above and beyond the call of duty to make the people around her happy only to neglect her own happiness and saw how that same respect wasn’t reciprocated. I watched this lady endure the worst heartache while pretending to be the happiest woman alive and that’s when it hit me, SHE was me. The people that are happiest can sometimes be the most depressed. Be a friend of a friend and check on your friends.

For anyone dealing with depression I encourage you to please, please seek help. Find a reputable therapist, a life coach, talk with someone you can trust, but please put your mental health first.

National Depression Hotline: 800.422.HOPE (4673)

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