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Honeymoon Phase

Much like any new relationship, when my husband and I started dating it was fun, it was new, it was exciting. In our beginning we only showed each other our "representatives"- who we pretended to be during the honeymoon phase. It's always important to remember that during the first 6 months of a relationship you're not dating the person you think you are, you're dating who they want you to believe they are.

Here I was this country girl who had never driven outside of a two lane highway burning the roads of I16 and 75 North every other weekend. He lived in the big city of Atlanta and I lived in the small town of Nevils (It's not even on the map so just Google it😒 ) so there was no need to show him the "real" me, yet.

We were just two young adults that thought we had it all figured out. Blinded by the lust that hid our abilities to be vulnerable with each other.

Had he shown me who he was I would have known how emotionally reserved he really was and he would have known how emotionally insecure I was. There's this notion that being vulnerable too early could prove detrimental to the relationship. I beg to differ. Had we been honest about who we were, then we probably would have saved each other from the growing pains of our relationship disappointments.

In order to save relationships you have to be willing to expose your weaknesses with the person you're sharing yourself with. After all, you can't fix a problem you won't or can't admit exists. Allow yourself to be strong enough to share what makes you fragile, after the honeymoon is over.

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