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Go Girl!

I caught this number on the radio a while back that made me do a little shimmy in my seat. I remember thinking that it had a catchy lil tune repeating "You got it, you got it". It wasn't until I listened, then read the lyrics that it gave me the boost I needed. It said to:

  • Boss up

  • Fix my credit

  • Get that degree

  • Hit the gym and get back fine

  • Go Girl

The entrepreneHERS in my life have been silent motivators on my path. From Beauticians, personal stylist, travel agents, credit repairers, herbalists, T shirt, and jewelry creators all of them have given me "Go Girl" vibes at a time when I wanted to quit. It was a much needed reminder that somebody somewhere was paying attention.

If you're thinking about making your next move, Go Girl. If you're thinking about fixing your credit, Go girl. If you're thinking about hitting the gym, Go Girl. If you're thinking about getting that degree, Go girl.

Whatever it is that you're procrastinating about let this be your reminder to, Go girl!

I challenge you to #TAG an entrepreneHER and tell her to keep going. Don't let her give up.

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