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Get Up

Life's not always fair and can sometimes feel like you're carrying a backpack with two laptops, a purse filled with the kitchen sink, a lunch tote with half your lunch because your son decided he wanted your other half for his afternoon snack, AND a bag of trash filled to capacity. In other words I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders this morning.

Thinking how unfair it was that I had so much added weight and literally no help, my brain being in overload, oblivious to a staircase that I had familiarized myself with over the past 8 years, always wondering how a visitor could come over and horribly miss a step and then the unthinkable happened to me...I tumbled eight stairs DOWN. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, but all I could muster up when asked by my son if I was ok was, "I'm fine".

I was reminded immediately after falling, that I was able to get up. GET UP. UNhurt, UNmarked, UNscathed, & INtact. That'll preach right by itself. I fell down, but I didn't stay there. So while I wanted to crawl into my shell and cry my eyes out from a minor set back, the God in me reminded me that while life's not always fair, and the weight of the world can sometimes cause you to fall down. I am thankful that I didn't stay there. I GOT BACK UP, AGAIN.

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