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Have you ever had a moment where you started to doubt all things good? Like how could this happen when that hasn’t happened yet? Or, what's my journey without a navigation?

I have to be honest. I have those moments of weakness where I really don’t know where this blogging thing will take me, if it will take me anywhere at all. I mean c’mon, I’m just a country girl with a dream and hopes to remain humble in a world filled with ciaos.

I’m new to this and who would want to listen to me? But, in the same sense, I also have to remind myself that this is just a growing pain. For every negative thought that comes to mind, I have to counteract that with a, “This gets better and it too shall pass”. It gets rough out here. Especially when you want the support of those closest to you, but when you’re on a mission to inspire you’ve got to sometimes walk alone until you find someone who can walk with you. Your journey isn’t for “them” it’s for you. You’re on a mission to reach beyond your comfort zone and pull in others who need your energy to see that love and life do exist. Dare to keep dreaming sister. Our story doesn’t end.

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