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Associate Accordingly

When it comes time to elevate yourself be sure to include a circle of friends who can positively impact your success. Who and what you associate yourself with can and will make or break your journey. Share your ideas with like minded people and be careful of small minds that don't allow themselves to see beyond what is available to their own eyes.

I've watched what could have been a million dollar dream be destroyed by two dollar mindsets. People that don't have the mental capacity to dream bigger cannot fathom the vision of a dreamer. I was always taught that you find a job, you stick with that job, and you retire from that job. I never knew that more existed until I was able to associate myself with other successful people. Only then did my vision begin to align with my dream.

I no longer desire to associate myself or my business with people who have already established that they don't require more and have issues with those people that do.

If you don't believe that your associates can influence your life, then hang with four broke people and see if you won't end up being the fifth.

I'm a freelance blogger that sometimes gets discouraged, but the people that I associate with won't allow me to quit because I Associate Accordingly.

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