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Loss Turned Win

"I spent my skinny years thinking I was fat"

I used to think that the definitions of winning and losing were so straightforward that they didn't need any explanations. Oddly enough the older that I got I had to realize that simple was sometimes hard, and being right could sometimes go left and be horribly WRONG.

As I reflect over my life I'm reminded of a period in time when I thought I was losing, but in reality I was actually winning. An example you say? Why not. I remember being a senior in high school weighing in at a whopping 150 pounds. To an already vertically challenged senior that was the equivalent of a being a beached whale. I'm older, wiser, and now realize that I spent my skinny years thinking I was fat. Boy. The things I'd do today to become a member of the one hundred club again might not surprise you much. My point? When I thought I was losing I was really winning.

I won even when I thought I loss

On the opposite side of the spectrum I'm also reminded of a time where I thought I was winning, but really I was losing. For kicks and a giggle I'll use a "hypothetical" scenario. I was once involved in a situation with an acquaintance. It was magical. I felt like I had won the jackpot with this situation. So blinded by lust that I looked beyond all the red flags. In my mind I was winning because I had the situation, but it wasn't until reality slapped me in the face that I realized I had lost myself in the process. I didn't know that every time I played phone tag, every time I was snooping trying to find things, or begging the situation to treat me right I was LOSING.

I'll insert a long pause here and leave you with this note. Don't waste your skinny years believing that you're fat.

Sometimes when you're losing you're really winning. And sometimes when you're winning you could really be losing. Life's a BEACH like that sometimes...

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